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Short Term Courses

Ventilator Training Programme
For Doctors and Nurses

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to an influx of high number of patients for which hospitals globally are considering welcoming retired doctors and nurses back to front line medicine, as well as redeploying clinicians to the ICU from other disciplines. Keeping in mind their lack of touch and no experience in the area they may need to refresh or learn the required ventilation skills as quickly as possible.

Our ventilator and simulation training program helps to provide them with standard as well as current research driven knowledge in a short span of time.

Eligibility Criteria: Nurses (ANM, GNM and final year nursing students), Doctors and Paramedics.
Duration: 4 Hours
Certification: ESSCI


Infection Control 
Training Programme
For Nurses

Infection Control (IC) is a major challenge for health care systems around the world. There is an important opportunity to reduce avoidable morbidity and mortality through improvements to the infection control system of a health care facility especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective Infection Control is a public health issue that is not only a fundamental part of patient safety and health system strengthening but also plays a huge rule in assisting healthcare facilities with accreditation.

Eligibility Criteria: Nurses, Paramedics and other Healthcare workers.
Duration: 16 Hours (14 hrs Theory & 2 hrs Practical)
Certification: NSDC


Soft Skills
Training Programme

For Nurses

Nursing is a profession that touches other’s lives. Nurses are responsible for bringing wellness to patients. Nevertheless, nursing is considered a stressful profession.

A nursing job is complex because they must apply competencies—knowledge, motor skills, and affection simultaneously.  Nursing  students  are prepared  for  those  three  competencies  in  the  nursing education profession but many studies have shown that not all nurses are trained for soft skills which affects the quality of care delivered to the patients.

Effective training in soft skills can be a prompt means of improved efficiency, less conflicts and a highly required skill, especially to have at workplaces.

Eligibility Criteria: ANM, GNM or B. Sc Nursing
Duration: 4 Hours
Certification: HSSC


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