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Long Term Courses



General Duty Assistant & Advanced GDA

GDA are also known as “Nursing Care Assistant”, “Nursing Assistant”, “Nursing Aide”, “Bedside Assistant”, or “Orderlies” when working in a hospital environment. Individual on the job provides patient care and help maintain a suitable environment. Some of the key responsibilities of the General Duty Assistant are to provide patient’s daily care, patient’s comfort, patient’s safety and patient’s health needs.

What you will learn

  • Assist nurse in performing procedures as instructed in the care plan.

  • Maintain cleanliness (of wards) follow infection control policies and procedures.

  • Patient’s hygiene

  • Communication Skills

  • Cleaning and sterilization of work environment and equipment, Etc.

Eligibility Criteria: Class X Pass
Duration: 240 Hours + O.J.T
Certification: NSDC HSSC

Phlebotomy Technician (PHLT)

Phlebotomy is the process of making a puncture in a vein, usually in the arm, with a cannula for the purpose of drawing blood. The procedure itself is known as a venipuncture, which is also used for intravenous therapy. A person who performs a phlebotomy is called a phlebotomist, although most doctors, nurses, and other technicians can also carry out a phlebotomy.

What you will learn:

  • Interpret test request forms

  • Prepare an appropriate site for obtaining blood samples

  • Prepare and maintain necessary equipment and supplies.

  • Transport the blood samples to the laboratory

  • Update patient records

  • Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols

Eligibility Criteria: Class XII Pass
Duration: 360 Hours + O.J.T
Certification: NSDC HSSC


Home Health Aide
(Only offered as upskilling program to Asha Worker)

Home Health Aide (HHA) also known as “Patient Care Assistants” work as home aides providing basic nursing and personal care. The Home Health Aide (HHA) course trains students to work as home aides providing basic nursing & personal care for patients, elderly people and people with disabilities. HHAs are also trained to support nurses and other healthcare professionals. The HHA training lays emphasis on ensuring that the comfort and safety of the patient are kept in mind at all times.

Eligibility Criteria: The candidate must have completed Class XII with Science.
Duration: 6 Months
Certification: NSDC HSSC


Hospital Front Desk Coordinator (HFDC)

Hospital front desk coordinator requires individuals to have good communication skills and ability to handle a high level of stress and activity while managing fast paced duties. They must be computer savvy. The individuals must possess key qualities such as patience, confidence, maturity, compassion, patient centricity, good listening circumstances.

What you will learn:

  • Consent, Reporting & Documentation

  • Introduction to medical terminology required related to front desk functioning

  • Infection control and prevention

  • Billing and Payment

  • Customer service excellence and patient satisfaction

  • Institutional Emergencies, Fire safety and Security

  • Bio Chemical waste management.

Eligibility Criteria: Class XII Pass

Duration: 240 Hours + O.J.T
Certification: NSDC HSSC


Clinical Research Associate

Given the ever increasing number of clinical trials there is growing need for trained and certified professionals who shall run or assists in running clinical trials. This need fir trained and certified clinical research associate professionals have gotten even more acute due to the Covid pandemic scenario would over. In order facilitate meeting this skilled resource gap, Peerless Skill Academy has announced a PG Diploma course- “Clinical Research Associate”.

Eligibility Criteria: B. Sc. (Biology, Nursing, Medical Lab technician, Life Sciences,   Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science)/ B. Pharma / B. Tech (Bio Technology). 
M.Pharma/ M.Sc/ PhD in Pharmacology BDS/ BUMS/ BAMS/ BHMS. Medical Graduates

Duration: 1 Year apprenticeship integrated course (2 semesters)
Semester 1 : Six months of training – theory and practical (480 hours) 
Semester 2 : Six months of apprenticeship (1020 hours)
Certification: NSDC HSSC


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